Stratford-on-Avon Golf Club

Seniors Open Individual Stableford

Thursday 6th June 2019, White Tees, Stratford on Avon

Thank you for playing in the 2019 Seniors Individual Open

Please see the winners below:

Trophy Winner - Rod Spears

Division 1

Rod Spears, Bob Allcoat, Richard Tromans, Glen Schofield & Mark Ward

Division 2

Terence Porter, Vic Brindley, Tony Charles, Alan Handford & Rob Jones

Veterans Division

David Jones & Phil Lane

Nearest the pin

Myrddin Cowley & Peter Barker

If you have supplied an email address or telephone number you will be contacted by us but if not please telephone the Club Office on 01789205749

We look forward to seeing you in 2020

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Results PointsCSS 73 (Visitors 73)
1st Rod Spears(15) Kings Norton Golf Club41
2nd Bob Allcoat(6)39
3rd Richard Tromans(12) Ross-on-Wye Golf Club37
4th Glen Schofield(12)37
5th Terence Porter(18) Robin Hood Golf Club (Solihull)37
6th Vic Brindley(28) Stonebridge Golf Centre37
7th Mark Ward(10) Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club36
8th Tony Charles(16) Leamington & County Golf Club36
9th Tim Barnby(5) Coventry Golf Club36
10th Chris Titmus(7) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club35
11th Mark Reardon(9) Tadmarton Heath Golf Club35
12th Alan Handford(16) Cotswold Hills Golf Club35
13th Tom Langhorn(6) Staverton Park Golf Club35
14th Mark Lintin(9)34
15th Jan Reading(11) Leicestershire Golf Club34
16th Rob Jones(16) Forest Hill Golf Club34
17th David Jones(20) Cotswold Hills Golf Club34
18th Scott Deacon(6)34
19th John close(6) Kenilworth Golf Club34
20th Mike Chapman(10) Tracy Park34
21st Phil Lane(17) Staverton Park Golf Club34
22nd Paul Tonks(20) Druids Heath Golf Club34
23rd Terry Rawnsley(16) Leamington & County Golf Club34
24th Nick Walley(6) Cosby Golf Club33
25th Joe Whitney(13) Cold Ashby Golf Club33
26th Neil Crockett(7)33
27th Brian Stanford(13)33
28th David Rigg(17)33
29th Guy Fordham(9)33
30th Ed Carter(10) Shirley Golf Club32
31st Barry McDonald(12)32
32nd Simon Meade(9)32
33rd Mike Busby(11) Stonebridge Golf Centre32
34th Peter Oatley(13)32
35th Tony Glaze(20)31
36th David Whitlow(12)31
37th Peter Trueman(6) Staverton Park Golf Club31
38th Joseph Hannah(14)31
39th James Alexander(15) Bromsgrove Golf Club31
40th Philip Thompson(13) Ross-on-Wye Golf Club31
41st David Gladwin(9)31
42nd Michael Smith(12) Heythrop Park Resort30
43rd Jim O'Halleran(8)30
44th Peter Marsh(9)30
45th Peter Evans(20) Ombersley Golf Club30
46th Eric Barlow(11) Tadmarton Heath Golf Club30
47th Aspi Mobed(18) Copt Heath Golf Club30
48th John Hughes(17) North Oxford Golf Club30
49th Noel Farrelly(19) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club30
50th John Clifford(13)30
51st David Baldock(13) Tracy Park30
52nd John Colverson(20) Stonebridge Golf Centre29
53rd Mike Abbotts(7) Brampton Heath Golf Centre29
54th Garry Flatres(20)29
55th Colin Hughes(14)29
56th Neil Mallett(9) Warley Woods Golf Club29
57th David John Matthews(8)29
58th Myrddin Cowley(18)29
59th Alan Tyler(20)29
60th Ken Brown(19) The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club28
61st Lawrence Walker(17) Kidderminster Golf Club28
62nd Tony Jowle(11) Moseley Golf Club28
63rd Ian Crute(18)28
64th A.G. Michaelides(19) Handsworth Golf Club28
65th Roderick Williams(21) Robin Hood Golf Club (Solihull)28
66th Paul Thatcher(26) Stourbridge Golf Club28
67th Ivor Wincote(16)28
68th Dennis Forsyth(18)28
69th Paul Knighton(16)28
70th Tony Weatherhead(13)28
71st Geoff Webb(15)27
72nd Ian Williams(24)27
73rd David Sutton(10)27
74th Tim Parry(11)27
75th Norman Haslam(19)27
76th Andy Chilton(17)27
77th Phillip O'Hagan(10) Staverton Park Golf Club27
78th William Litchfield(17) Beeston Fields Golf Club26
79th Brian Wilson(16)26
80th Michael Harris(12)26
81st Michael Stacey(18)26
82nd Peter Stanley(14)26
83rd Christopher Bartlett(7) Coventry Golf Club26
84th Jeremy Morris(9)26
85th Mr D Wilson(13) Vale Golf & Country Club26
86th Roy Summers(12)26
87th Andy Northwood(9) Kenilworth Golf Club26
88th Anthony Kirk(19)26
89th Alan Williams(19) Droitwich Golf & Country Club26
90th Bob Scott(21)25
91st Gez Strangwood(14) Staverton Park Golf Club25
92nd Paul White(9) Staverton Park Golf Club25
93rd A J Vearncombe(11) Lilley Brook Golf Club25
94th Brian Evans(15) Kings Norton Golf Club25
95th Alan Rose(17)24
96th Bill Winter(23)24
97th John Macnair(15)24
98th Richard New(21)24
99th Stanford Marsh(18) Droitwich Golf & Country Club24
100th Nick Pugh(22) Bicester Golf & Country Club24
101st T Charles(14) Tadmarton Heath Golf Club24
102nd Paul Curry(23) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club24
103rd Andrew Mitchell(22) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club24
104th T Finch(18) Chipping Norton Golf Club24
105th Bob Hallam(7) Lilley Brook Golf Club23
106th R Cox(16) Lilley Brook Golf Club23
107th Albert Grant(8) Wharton Park Golf Club23
108th Tony Freely(17) Droitwich Golf & Country Club23
109th John Austin(16)23
110th Steve Matthews(19) Woburn Golf Club22
111th Michael Salmon(24)22
112th Keith Haywood(17) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club21
113th Andrew Spriggs(14)21
114th Ian McPhillips(24) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club21
115th Steve Loydall(17) Staverton Park Golf Club21
116th Russell Legg(15) Studley Wood Golf Club20
117th Christopher Parker(14) Cold Ashby Golf Club19
118th Charles Steele(20) Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club18
119th Craig Simmonds(10) Harborne Golf Club18
120th P W Lewis(14) Lilley Brook Golf Club14
N/A Peter Barker(9) Rutland County Golf Club33
N/A T Pockett(9) Lilley Brook Golf Club21
DQ John Stevenson(15) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf ClubDQ Rule 3.3b Card not signed
DQ Frank Adcock(19) Gaudet Luce Golf ClubDQ Rule 3.3b Card not returned
N/A Phil Roberts(12) Chipping Norton Golf ClubWD

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